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Artist Interview: Zeena

This is my interview with Zeena, the Syrian multi-talented 16-years-old Poem writer and Pop music songwriter, ISSA representative of Syria, and so much more...


1. How did you get started in music?

Well, I started with music when I was 12 years old. I self-learned English by listening to various songs and international news. Then, I started writing poems and songs.

My inner dream was always to become a songwriter. So, one day in August 2022, I posted a poem to a songwriting group. And Carmen Ross music, a great producer discovered me and then I started to search for some musicians online in the same group where I've found a lot of great and honest artists.

Some of them, who became one my friends:

  • Sharina Ahmad from India, is a great upcoming singer.

  • A greatest, talented & amazing producer from UK Dominic Giam whom I owe a big respect.

  • Many great vocalists, like Melanie Naumann in a songwriting workshop. Indeed, she advised and helped me being an ISSA member and moreover an official representative for Syria, the country I'm coming from.

2. Which artists are your inspirations or influences?

The main artists I'm influenced with are Céline Dion, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Tina Arena, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Roy Orbison, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and a lot of the 90s great musicians.

I like also some famous bands like the Beatles, Westlife and Backstreet Boys.

Indeed I'm quite eclectic!

3. What key advice would you offer aspiring performers?

Never be afraid to show yourself, be always proud of yourself and stay humble.

Failure is just a temporary lesson and we should always re-try and never stop learning again & again.

4. What is your singularity compared to other bands or singers?

I have learned English as a self-taught person and And I recently started composing and writing music using the songwriting English culture.

I began writing verses and courses randomly and then I discovered how to listen to my inner voice and talent: my heart...

Also, I can write in three languages that's is not common regarding my young age!


5. Do you forecast any new gigs, singles or albums in the future?

With my friend Sharina Ahmed are currently starting making albums and cooking coming up, great things! Stay. tuned...

  • Zeena's latest video on YouTube :

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