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Artist Interview: Tracy Lee Harrington

This is my interview with the Indie and versatile, pop, soul, R&B, poetic rap singer, songwriter and producer Tracy Lee Harrington from Wylie, Texas United States.


1. How did you get started in music and producing it?

I started singing in my early 20s where ever I could even in the summer time when I worked in the Laundry room at the Salvation Army Camp for Inner city children.

One of the Campers liked to hang out with me and we would sing together sometimes .My old voice teacher my Favorite Ant and Uncle and My Ant on my Dad's side told me I have a beautiful voice that I need to sing out so people can hear me also that music I write is from the heart and it's something that people can relate to.

My Journey as a Producer started in 2019 my first backing tracks were interesting I Release my first single in December 2019 called "Come Fly With Me". It reached 1000 plays in a week. I forgot that I released until a couple of months later...

In 2021, I started entering into contest for music started talking all my creative engery into producing more, songwriting and making videos for YouTube.

2. What are your styles, inspirations or influences?

As a Producer, I combine Styles of music that should not be together. I can do anything from Country to Jazz and back again depending on the mood.

My favorite style is what I like to call Poetic Rap singing it's not the typical rapper style you usually here it's kinda more with a R&B and Soul vibe sometimes laced with pop or Jazz. Some call my Style is "Emo Rap" some say I have a more "R&B Soul vibe".

My voice and style as been described as unique and having an Ethereal quality.

3. What key advice would you offer aspiring performers?

My advice I would give to anyone who has a dream no matter what the dream is would be surrounded your self with positive people who support your dreams. If you have trouble finding it join a Facebook group or twitter a twitter group . It doesn't have to be online find a group of people who have similar interests as yours. Support and building friendships are important it helps on the days you feel like giving up.

Choose your platforms that work for you like LinkedIn, Rebnation, SoundCloud Audiomack, You tube, Bandlab, Bandcamp, etc... Use something as your starting point, put yourself out there even when it's scary.

4. What is your singularity compared to other bands or singers?

Additonally of being a producer, I am a book author. Fast-forward to 2017 I decided to leave the mistakes and hurts from the past behind to be able to have the independence

I needed and to find out who I was as an Individual. I was always writing since I was

a teenager. So, I was in a couple of Contests for Poetry and one for a Children's Story which I received A + for. Wrote my first book called a "Gift Of Poetry" in my late 20s and in 2017 wrote my second book a short biography called "Freedom From my Storm", followed by "Poetic reflections of a dreamer" and "Adventures of Galaxy Bear and Friends", "Jem town", "The conquerer" and two coffee table picture books for adults.

After, I started doing book covers and book trailers experimenting with Photography and Graphic design. This part of my journey lasted until 2019 started experimenting with Poetry and music in 2018 .

5. Do you forecast any new gigs, singles or albums in the future?

I hope to be able to continue this journey and continue to explore different levels of creativity and share them with the world . I hope to continue to inspire and encourage

others on there journey with the words I write. I'm excited to see where this journey will lead. Lord willing releasing more music. Hoping to do some live shows online and hopefully some in person concerts in the future.

But for now I am going to just enjoy the learning and growing experience of this journey.

I hope to encourage as many as I can along the way because there's a lot of room on this bus of dreams going nonstop to the stars, changing the world one dream at a time..

  • Tracy Lee's latest video on YouTube :

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