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Artist Interview: Michael Jacob

This is my interview with singer Michael Jacob. Enjoy!

1. How did you get started in music?

I started music when I was 8 year-old back when I was a child playing drums with my brothers and my father in our house. We had a huge studio, so we spent there all our evenings playing & composing music. 2. Which artists are your inspirations or influences? My major influence is Stevie Wonder: I love his voice, his chords, his melodies and his arrangements. I also love Bill Withers and George Benson. My huge influence, in the way I understand drums is the band from the 80s called Earth Wind and Fire. As a vocalist I am a huge fan of James Ingram and Peabo Bryson as well. 3. What key advice would offer to aspiring performers? My advice is to follow your dreams and your inner voice. You always have to keep on practising, keep on writing, keep on singing. Never dare give up those key things until you manage to find your way! The only way to succeed is to understand what you really want to achieve and try again & again till you feel this inspiration living in yourself and in your inner light. 4. What is your singularity compared to other bands or singers? First of all, I see myself as a melodist who loves writing melodies that I mostly enjoy to do. Additionally, I see myself as a drummer who writes melodies. This singularity being a drummer makes me understand even more better musicality and this puts an extra groovy feel to my soul. 5. Do you forecast any new gigs, singles or albums in the future?

First of all my gigs were impacted by the current lockdown period: like everyone else all my gigs and all my bookings were canceled so far. Indeed I had more than 20 forecasted gigs. It's a terrible situation: everything today is delayed and stuck. As soon as we recover from the same situation as before the lockdown, we're gonna go on gigs and tours around France and other places (Europe, Canada...) according to the potential opportunities.

Secondly about the future album: I am working on a new single which is going to be released next June.

Additionally, I am working right now on a new album in French. Nowadays, I spend all my nights writing melodies and chords. Indeed writing in French is not the same effort and thing as writing in English.

Special thanks to Michael for doing this interview & I wish him the best luck in his music and projects.

Michael Jacob's Latest Video on YouTube

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