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Artist Interview: Emma Goldberg

This is my interview with singer & songwriter Emma Goldberg. Enjoy!

1. How did you get started in music?

I was a young girl when I started to learn music at the Conservatory of music and several music schools, learning the music on stage, and I was dreaming of being a singer and composer..And I realized my dreams...

So, I began my career in 1996 as a Pop singer and song maker. I made a number of songs collaborating with international artists as Chris Spierer (worked with Bob Sinclar), The American Jazzman David Carranza, The American Country Composer Roy Colburn. The most famous ones are "Sex with me" (2018), "You're the only one" (2018) and "I miss you" (2019). My songs are played worldwilde. Moreover, I've toured in differerent European countries like Poland, Spain and Belgium.

2. Which artists are your inspirations or influences?

Well, I am influenced and inspired by many singers like Jimmy Tttle, Céline Dion, Michael Bublé; Nina Simone, U2, Massive Attack, Imogen Heap, Ollie Wride, Fm84. From these influences I'm writing and singing Pop music songs. Moreover, I worked a lot in the studios, composed songs and participated in choirs for other artists.

3. Where does your nickname The French Queen of Pop Music come from?

One of the Artistic Directors of Mercury UK gave me this nickname in 2019 comparing me with Madonna who she was nicknamed the Queen of Pop Music. This was a great honor and a gift of great gratitude for my musical artwork and myself.

4. What is your singularity compared to other bands or singers?

My singularity is the way I am composing and writing my songs. I am alone in front of my piano, then I let my feelings enter and progressively lyrics and melody.

5. Can you tell us about your other complementary activities in the world of music?

Besides music, I am also a host on 242 Radio UK (show Just Like Emma) and DS La Radio (Show Avec Emma).

I play all indie music from all around the world. I enjoy providing support to indie artists sharing their creations. I attach more importance to the quality and the originality of the musical recordings which one submits to me rather than the membership of an artist to a known musical label.

Additionally, I have an anchor in the cinema with my program on YouTube "Et si nous parlions cinéma" and with future musical projects.

6. What are your plan for the near future?

Just singing alone in the dark with my piano and candles surrounding me with the Moonlight background. That's this simple moment with myself in such an ambient which inspires me sincerely. This moment when I turn around to create my own compositions and sing my new creations is necessary and unique to me in the near future.

Many other collaborations will come in the Future, with Usa, UK and France , many radios are playing songs of Emma in all those countries and abroad She works with several artists and radios in France and Abroad.

Special thanks to Emma for doing this interview & I wish her the best luck in her music and projects.

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