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Artist Interview: Eduanis Zerquera

This is my interview with the world-musician, Indie singer-songwriter and guitarist Eduanis Zerquera from la Havana, Cuba.


1. How did you get started in music?

Since my childhood I have been playing guitar, piano and Cuban percussion. Indeed music is family tradition. My grandfather was a troubadour in La Trova. Music is an integral part of my life and I dedicate almost everything to it.

Indeed, Fidel Castro made it possible at the time, for instructors in Cuban schools to become teachers in all branches of the arts. So I seized this opportunity and get graduated as a music teacher from one of these schools.

2. Which artists are your inspirations or influences?

My main musical influences come from Cuban sonero and salsa bands such as "La original de Manzanillo", "La orchestra Reve", "Adalverto Alvarez and his son", among others... Additionally, Silvio Rodriguez y Pablo Montañes's music also inpires me.

3. What key advice would you offer aspiring performers?

Stay humble, honest, and true to yourself and the goals you initially set for yourself. Remember that mainly humility will touch hearts more and open the greatest number of doors for your future.

4. What is your singularity compared to other bands or singers?

My uniqueness is perhaps being out of the mainstream Indeed, I am inspired by the older Cuban music. For instance, I wrote the song “Madre de la patria mía”, which is a Danzón, a musical genre created in Cuba in the process of national transculturation and the encounter of our own idiosyncrasies around 1879. This combines several voices and instruments. You can feel this music as spontaneous and allowing improvisation and rhythm variations. I always dreamed writing this kind of music.

To my surprise, although, I did not think I had a beautiful voice, my listeners and I discovered me a captivating and magnetic voice that will touch the souls and hearts of everyone.

5. Do you forecast any new singles or albums in the future?

Now, I'm working on two beautiful projects besides composing my new songs.

The first one with an Argentinian musician Sergio Di Martino with whom I have had very good vibes while singing his song « No hay Manera ». For this collaboration, Sergio plays the piano, my uncle the bass, and I sing.

My second project is with the German musician Stefan Voss and his beautiful song, « Tango em Fado ». I loved the idea that it was a caritative song to help children in need all around the world. I've really enjoyed to learn to sing a bit in German, I had a lot of fun and as I am always willing to help and collaborate with everyone who asks me, I strongly believe this will be a motivational and great booster to my career.

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