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Artist Band Interview: Portraits and Tales

This is my interview with the Neo-Country Folk & Americana band Portraits and Tales from Luleå Sweden.

Portraits & Tales consists of:

Malin Araya Frostfalk - Vocals and production

Jyrki Unhola - Bass guitar and sound production.

Alvaro Araya Leon - Guitar, vocals and production.


1. How did you get started in music?

We all have different backgrounds which got us to start with music, but as the band we are today, it all started in early spring of 2018. Me, Alvaro and my long time friend Jyrki, began to record music just for the fun of it. We started by making and recording covers, but we soon realized that we wanted to start making our own original songs. In summer of 2018, Alvaro met Malin who turned out to be a singer as well. It didn't take long and she became a member of Portraits & Tales. Thanks to her ability to sing harmonies, the sound of Portraits & Tales was complete.

2. Which artists are your inspirations or influences?

We all have different artists and influences who have inspired each one of us through the years, but the common inspirations and influences who apply for the three of us are Smith & Tell, Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson and Blackberry Smoke.

3. What key advice would offer to aspiring performers?

Believing in our music is always one of the main things that drives us to continue what we are doing. Be serious with your work and remember that nothing comes easily and for free. It takes comitment and dedication to reach stardom, but remember: Don´t forget to have a lot of fun!!:)

4. What is your singularity compared to other bands or singers?

We strongly believe that our uniqueness compared to other bands and singers is that our songs have a genuine story due to the lyrics and the melodies, we have put to them.

5. Do you forecast any new gigs, singles or albums in the future?

We have recently released our four tracks EP called "This is Portraits & Tales". We are very proud of this EP, indeed. For the time being, we don't have any gigs on our schedule, but we are planing soon to enter the studio to start recording a great amount of new material. If it will end in an album, a new EP or single, well, time will tell us.

  • Portraits and Tales' latest video on YouTube :

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